Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters.  The Havasupai are intimately connected to the water and the land. This blue- green water is sacred to the Havasupai. It flows not only across the land, but also through each tribal member. When you enter their land, you enter their home, their place of origin.  Source: National Park Service

This was my first visit to Arizona.  The Havasupai Indian Reservation is a very unique place; I am not sure if there is any place like it. Spending three nights backpacking with my friends I realized that it was an experience that I will cherish forever.  

As I approached the campsite, I came upon a beautiful Navajo Falls.  As I moved forward, I was getting excited realizing that I am about to see something special. There it was, Havasu Falls. What a wonder, majestic water fall,  surrounded by red jagged rocks and turquoise water pools. All I could do is stop and admire this beauty. It is not possible to capture the grandeur of this place with a camera; it is experienced best in person. Here is my small attempt, hope you enjoy it. 

Ashish Doshi -2014               


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